Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Desperate Housewives

I didn't write a blog for few months. I'm just too busy with stuff. Oh yeah, eventhough I'm busy but I will never miss a chance to watch Desperate Housewives tonight.

From all this beautiful girls, who do you think is the hottest one? Yeah, Gabrielle (Eva) of course, and this new season kind of more interesting than before. Everybody have their own stories which makes me can't wait until the next series to come.

I just hope Mike and Susan can be together again. Bree, please don't ever think of marrying the phsychic pharmacist. Lynette, get busy with your new post and Gab, I don't think Mary can beat you at all.

Oh well, the real story will show what's gonna happen next. Anyway, I hope I can buy the first season of its collection. But damn, it's too expensive to buy it. But perhaps sometime I can have it. As one of my favourite collection.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Have you ever play The Sims? And what about Singles? I went to cyber cafe yesterday. My concern is to send email to my colleague about our work progress and also to accompany my cousin doing her surfing but the icon Singles really attracts me. It's kinda like The Sims games but more naughty. No kidding. If you wanna play this game seriously, I suggest you to buy the cd and install it at your pc, at home!

This game is too honest. Yeah, I think I can say that. They have this story mode where it happen to be you move to your girlfriend's apartment and it happen to be she is staying with your ex. And your mission is to steal him back! It's actually not that hard to steal him back because he and your girlfriend are not an item but it takes quite some time. Especially if your ex is not seducable =P

I end up spending almost two hours playing the games and ten minutes to send the email. Geez, I'm just lucky because I went to the cyber cafe with my cousin and sit at quite private place where no one can peek (except my cousin). She was surprised about it too and you know what, she also play the same game and didn't do her assignment. Hey, it's not my fault if she can't score her papers.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Three Days in Kuantan

I had a great time in Kuantan. Working and at the same time look around wonderful places there. Gebeng, it's actually sort of industrial area that situated closer to port. Friendly people around, nice view.

I stay for two nights at De Rhu Beach Resort. Not so well maintained resort but friendly staff and nice food. It's just that they should change new cups in the room. But, newspapers that they put outside the door every morning was really good. At least they get good points for that.

The food there are great. Especially seafood. But one thing about being away from home is that I miss my baby. Oh well, I still miss him even I'm at home. No internet service in that company. And we spend three days, discussing and training. I had a great time. I may bring Steve with me to go there some time. I guess Cherating gonna be better place to visit.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Siti Nurhaliza

Not to say she is my favourite singer but she does have a great voice. I've met her in person and I can't believe myself how wonderful she is. Rich and famous and yet humble and softspoken. I guess that makes her beautiful and attractive.

I've sent Steve a beautiful song sang by her and M. Nasir (song theme for Puteri Gunung Ledang - Bagaikan Sakti). And I think that is one of her beautiful song. The last time I met her was few years ago, during her birthday. Her family made a surprise birthday party.

I'm not sure why I wanna write about her in this blog. Maybe because by the time I on my Winamp, her song Sendiri happen to be the first. And suddenly it reminds me of her and I know she is one of the most talented and wonderful singer that I've ever known.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Education Exhibition

The American Education Exhibition was great. Not to say extremely great but I found what I'm looking for so I guess they have achieve their target. The exhibition was held at Sultan's Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel. Just in a quite small place, with about 30 booth. They put three chairs in front of each booth, another three at the back for those who is waiting and one long row at the centre.

I arrive a bit late because I have to finish three proposals that I need to bring the next day. I noticed it's gonna rain, so I wrapped my proposals carefully with plastic bags. It was start to rain once I left the office so I run, catched a taxi and he brought me to the lrt station. Eventhough he park just next to the station but by the time I walked out of the taxi, the rain was so heavy that makes my clothes so wet. I plan to go home first but it's already 7pm and the exhibition finish at 9pm. Im pretty sure I can never make it if I plan to go home.

So with the same attire, I go to the exhibition. Lucky for me, my clothes was black and chocolate so seems like not so obvious that they're still wet. And also I got dry on my way to KL Sentral through walking and air conditioner in the lrt.

Once arrived, they asked for my name, email address and my interests. Then they gave me brochures and it shows Colleges and Universities around America. I look for school at Washington and they have two. I visit Shoreline booth and was satisfied with their explanation. I went home immediately after that.

I felt so tired. I checked my proposals, lucky it's in good condition. I felt so sick. Have tylenol. Do some housework. Think of Steve. Watch TV and at 2am, I managed to sleep.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Thrill Tuesday

Too many things happen around... flood, petrol increase, Mawi won as the most popular artist. Well, there are always good and bad things happen around which we as a human should see it as a lesson and motivation.

My day yesterday was like before. Busy like crazy. After complete the quotation, which I really thank God for making me so easy to finish it three days earlier than I expected. How can it be so fast? I have no idea. Maybe because my sweetheart was around. Talked to me until almost time for me to go home.

The dinner with client was not that bad. Talk and talk and talk. Food and food and food. I tried to be very strong not to eat too much. Oh well, I would rather not to eat than to suffer when I'm old. But the food there look so good. Especially the chocolate cake, ice cream... yeah I know if Steve is around he will let me eat in small portion if I want it so much but haha, I better not or I will end up finish it all.

Hmmmm, my pc at home giving problem again. Well, it's really an old machine. I'm using it when I was in university. Er, should I throw it away? I don't think so. It helped me a lot during my thesis. Suddenly I think of machine that can talk. Like Toy Story. Cool cartoon by Pixar. Hey, why I talk about cartoon, now? Geez!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


At this age of nearly 30, can I still study? This thing keep disturbing my thoughts. I am very sure of further studies but after eight years... study? Am I serious? =P

Oh well, there is no limit of age if one would like to gain knowledge. After all, men and women have to study, have to learn, this is what we've thought before. In fact, working is also some sort of learning process. Sometimes what you learn doesn't mean you can directly implement it at work. For example, try to prepare closing account. It's not gonna be as difficult when you study than in real life. Trust me, it drives me crazy everytime. But then once you work on it and solve it, there is when you gonna feel the satisfaction.

Anyway, I do love those times in university. I was staying in a college. Being so active with college activities every semester in order to get nicer room. Had so much assessments, tests (I don't like tests), report assignment (this one I like it) and many more. Busy with curricular activities. Being force to jog everyday (it's torturing but I miss those times when I was so slim, chewah). Fasting (I love fasting month in university). I guess everyday was a great day in university last time including Valentine's Day (normally I received roses - but not so much because I'm so ugly, even my shadow doesn't wanna see me, hahaha, but how I wish I could get chocolates) =P

Oh well, I heard that, there's gonna be American Education Exhibition in Le Meridien Hotel tomorrow. I may wanna take opportunity to go there. I wish I could find some better place to further studies. Hmmm, I guess I will be in US soon, honey.